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MOB has an ambitious mission: The democratization of fashion.

MOB stands for an inclusive understanding of fashion.

MOB engages in research and development for adaptive lifestyles.

MOB, short for German “Mode ohne Barrieren,” literally means: “fashion without barriers”. This means that MOB thinks fashion and disability together right from the start and fosters innovative implementation strategies in product development, advertising, sales, and customer care.

MOB therefore joins forces with young fashion labels.
The goal: functionality and aesthetics at the cutting edge.
MOB puts an end to the one-sided emphasis on medical aspects and the sole focus on solving technical problems. Adaptive clothing is just as much a question of fashions and styles, biographies and professions, cultures and attitudes.


Photo: Jakob Gsöllpointner

MOB, that’s Josefine Thom and Johann Gsöllpointner

What does MOB want?

Johann Gsöllpointner: Our goal is to roll up the international market for adaptive clothing with young fashion labels.

Josefine Thom: Adaptive clothing currently available on the market comes primarily from the clinical and technical sectors. The one-sided limitation to technical functionality and the “functional aesthetics” associated with it paradoxically hinders the inclusion of people with disabilities, as they are reduced to a one-dimensional “disability”. MOB addresses this form of aesthetic discrimination with practical and fashion-oriented apparel – as part of a new vision of diverse adaptive lifestyles.

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