MOB combines functionality and fashion for people with and without disabilities.

Developed with wheelchair users and realized with young fashion labels, MOB stands for fashion without barriers.

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Wheelchair users are the standard at MOB, which is why the central product category is also called Standard.

Fortunately, wheelchair users are rarely alone. All products are also suited for their friends and lovers, for their sisters and brothers, buddies, comrades and cronies, who cannot roll through the world. MOB calls these garments Companion.

The different demands of modern wheelchair users are essential for the development of the products presented here. It would not have been possible to produce them and would not have been possible without wheelchair users’ participation in the numerous fittings and redesigns.
MOB thus turns the usual procedure upside down: The requirements of wheelchair users (standards) are the norm which is then adapted for non-wheelchair users (companions).
The three Viennese fashion labels GON, Moto Djali, and Ferrari Zöchling invited by MOB to collaborate have come up with very different solutions based on their own design strategies: While Moto Djali and Ferrari Zöchling offer custom-fit solutions for a wide range of specific requirements, GON has developed garments that are equally suitable for Standards and Companions from the outset. Such products are called All Inclusive. If they also meet plus-size requirements, they are called All Inclusive+.

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